SiN: Retribution


Five years.

A lot of time has passed SINCE the fall of SinTEK and Freeport citizens felt SECURE again... until now. Rumors ARE circling, tellings of a new threat slowly ENcompassing the city, eating the SOULS of people who fell victim TO THE sweet aroma of a NEW clinical drug designed to boost the human mind. Its name: Incense, as sweet AS IT tastes but AS addictive as Promexia INC. wants it to be.

I have been to hell and back IN 2037, but the devil herself SLIPPED out from my grip around her throat. Whatever Promexia's motives are and HOWEVER many runners will BE coming AT ME, I won't let genetic domination take OVER this city again.





SiN: Retribution is a fan-made continuation of Ritual Entertainment's award-winning, but often overlooked 1998 PC game SiN. I'm making it with the Unreal Development Kit, or UDK, from Epic Games, which essentially enables anyone to make free or commercial games with the current Unreal engine.

With SiN: Retribution I set out to make SiN "II" (which it is not!) as I would have liked to see it, disregarding the events in SiN: The Movie and SiN Episodes: Emergence. While SiN Episodes is the only official sequel to SiN and it is possible to continue from there, I decided that I wanted to write my own story in the SiN universe, one that would feel a lot more like SiN 1 while still coming up with brand new stuff, and a story that will impress SiN fans around the world.


SiN: Retribution follows SiN star John R. Blade yet again as he uncovers the true meaning behind revenge... his own as well as that of his nemesis, Elexis Sinclaire. The game will feature old and new characters, fast-paced combat, lots of dialogue and current-gen technology to boot.


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